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Zerman On Net - international web marketing based in Adelaide, Australia. Through here to innovation in marketing, fashion & design in Adelaide's East End, South Australia.
Publishing consulting,Internet Marketing,Media and Communication Strategies,Bodysurfing and Handboards. Mail me, gracias!! quepaso

Australian web marketing, international intelligence.

"We bodysurf the online world launching editorially-based sites and conducting search engine marketing campaigns for local and international clients.
"Consider, por favor, that the Web is becoming less US-centric. Strategists located beyond North America can provide perspectives on the internet that are unique, and of benefit.
"Welcome to Zerman On Net - international web marketing based in Adelaide, Australia."

Cactus Beach, winter 98 - M Zerman
Cactus Beach, winter © M Zerman
email: Michael Zerman
phone: +61-0428-815-187
mobile: 0428-815-187
241 Rundle Street, level 1
Adelaide 5000
Telcos & Punk Rock: "Australia's Roadrunner music magazine resurrected"
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